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Richmond Birdwing Conservation Network

Bring back the Birdwing Butterfly

A project of Wildlife Queensland
Community members, conservation groups and representatives from local, state and federal agencies can become members of the Richmond Birdwing Conservation Network. The RBCN is a non-profit voluntary group.
Larval Host Vines
This page and subsequent pages was taken from the old web site. It will be enhanced considerably to provide a pictorial reference and identification guide for these vines.

Pararistolochia praevenosa
Richmond Birdwing Vine narrow leaves

Pararistolochia praevenosa
Richmond Birdwing Vine rounder leaves

Pararistolochia laheyana
Mountain Birdwing Vine

Pictures taken from the booklet "Identification & Propagation of Birdwing Vines" used in the Land for Wildlife workshop at Mary Cairncross Scenic Reserve in 2006.
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